The Power To Win: How Envirosolar is “Leading The Charge” to #SolarizeAmerica

It's not easy being on the front lines of sustainability in America. Throughout the last several years America has been battling itself politically and nationally with regards to sustainability initiatives.

During that time, a fight has emerged between solar companies and some electrical utilities. As CEO of Envirosolar, I have been at the forefront of these solar wars and wish to share with you the sustainability vision that Envirosolar lives by to help America achieve energy sustainability while providing value to homeowners.

A new report has just been released by Energy Innovation, a clean energy advocacy and research organization showing it would be cheaper to build local wind and solar projects than continuing to operate 74 percent of U.S. coal plants. It's no wonder utility trade groups describe rooftop solar as a "disruptive challenge" that threatens revenues and profits as electric utilities continue to raise prices and customers defect to solar. My reputation and company brand have come under attack as Envirosolar scales and continues to develop solar.

Certainly, through my business journey I have learned valuable lessons. Early iterations of home efficiency combinations didn't fully meet expectations for every customer, and these prior businesses paid the price to make good for those shortcomings. It was a business lesson to be learned.

Now, with Envirosolar we are at the top of the solar and smart-home business as we expand the company across the entire US. We have recently launched a new look of the brand, along with substantial customer service upgrades and support systems to ensure we can quickly and efficiently service each and every customer from the beginning of their solar journey throughout their entire ownership of the system. New technology continues to be invested in by Envirosolar to positively enhance the customer experience.

The “Solarize America” vision is to see America’s electric grid become fifteen percent solar powered by 2025.

Randall White