Power To Keep The Good Times Going: How Envirosolar is “Leading The Charge” to #SolarizeAmerica

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Recently, hundreds of thousands of students around the world protested climate inaction by taking part in a Global Climate Strike. Since the sun can be counted on to generate energy every day, present generations should look to the solar industry for jobs and inspiration. It’s the older generations of Americans who own homes, and they are the ones who can boost America’s deeply-needed solar transformation.

The “Solarize America” vision of Envirosolar Power is to see America’s electric grid become fifteen percent solar powered by 2025.

abe issa 15 percent solar by 2025

Why fifteen percent?

Currently, just about two percent of America’s electric grid is solar powered. We need to do better as a country. Fifteen percent solar is the point when utilities will need to upgrade power lines across America to handle the influx of energy from the sun.

Between now and then, the youth of today should look to the solar industry as one positive way to address climate inaction. Whether pursuing careers in sales, installations, customer service, or a variety of exciting opportunities, solar is a proven technology to achieve sustainability and real climate action goals. Even Leonardo Dicaprio’s Twitter background features solar panels.

leonardo dicaprio solar panels

At Envirosolar, we are excited to spread this vision and this past weekend we helped attendees at SXSW keep their mobile phones charged and full of power to keep the good times going. Often people at community events don’t have a back up battery pack or a place to plug into, so the Envirosolar team jumped into action to build a mobile solar powered phone charging station.

SXSW attracts around 150,000 visitors to Austin per year and without a phone, many of them couldn’t call a Lyft or transportation back to their lodging. Others were out of contact with friends and needed their phones charged to get back in communication. 

While standing around waiting for their phones to charge, Envirosolar representatives chatted about photovoltaic (PV) panel solar power, answering questions and engaging in sustainability and renewable energy awareness conversations.

abe issa envirosolar power

Topics that people appreciate learning about are Renewable energy, Photovoltaic and Residential Incentive programs, and discussing how to actually achieve sustainability.

In the end, it’s a whole lot of fun to get out in the community as leaders in the solar space. We can get used to leading this kind of charge.

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